German Grand Prix

To be 100% honest the German cuisine is not my favourite. The last time I was in Germany I had to go to an Italian restaurant to get my vegetable fix. The reliance on meat and potatoes (or any other heavy starch) doesn’t really get me excited; unless I have been on a very long country walk in the winter. But the trouble with the Grand Prix is that it’s in the summer and you really have to be inside to watch it. Although saying that, it’s bloody cold at the moment especially at the Nurburgring – 16° max!

Meat, cheese and a bit more meat

image credit: reiner.kraft

When I searched in google for modern German cuisine I found Aqua which is one of the top 50 restaurants in the world, but I am as likely to cook that as I am any of Heston’s restaurant dishes…

I apologise to any Germans that I may have offended. I am sure that there are some lovely recipes it’s just that google hasn’t found them and I didn’t have an opportunity to buy a good book.

Through my research, one good thing that I have learnt about the German cuisine is that it’s seasonal – which means that I can use my jungle of a veg plot!

I have elected to try to do a German influenced dish and take some of their ideals and flavours. Therefore Rich and I will be eating meat, potatoes (in the form of potato dumplings) and kale followed by an Apple Cake. I realise that the black forest gateaux is the most obvious choice here but I hate wet bread – and yes, wet cake counts as wet bread!

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