Malaysian Grand Prix

As we are currently having our Grand Prix summer break I thought that I would try to catch up on some of the cuisines that I haven’t blogged about earlier in the season.

I started my Grand Prix dinners before I started the blog so I have recipes for the Turkish (an amazing Turkish breakfast/brunch) Spanish (Spanish chicken which I repeated for the European GP) and Monaco (decadent Provençal style tapas). The problem was that I didn’t take any pictures, which was a complete over sight!

Last weekend I thought that I would try Malaysian food; for last year’s race a made beef rendang so I thought that I would try another typical Malaysian dish. I am a huge fan of south-east Asian flavours and in Malaysia, as they are a trading island, almost all of the spices imaginable are present. I decided to make chicken curry kapitan which is a typical example of nyonya cuisine. The spices in this dish reflect this melting pot with fice spice from China, lemongrass from Thailand, cinnamon from Sri Lanka and the holy trinity of garlic, ginger and chilli from India.

Kota Bharu Market, Malaysia

image credit: exfordy

3 thoughts on “Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  2. Hi Mary,
    Have been loving the blog altho Banana Cake with the rainy window in the background made me very homesick…
    Anyway, we are actually going to F1 in Singapore week after next so will send some recommendations! Aggie xx

    1. I am very jealous of going to Singapore – it’s probably one of the coolest GPs going! Have a great time and enjoy the street food

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