Pig Paradise, Wiltshire

For our anniversary Rich bought me a very special treat. I love pigs – not in the same way as the crazy cat girl but enough that I have a collection of pigs including a life size piggy bank. We spent the day yesterday learning how to look after pigs at Pigs Paradise in Wiltshire. It was an absolutely amazing day in which we could cuddle piglets and also learn how to look after them properly. Tony and Carron, the people running the course, have a vast knowledge and love for pigs which was awe inspiring.

The course consists of a mix of classroom and practical where you learn how to vet your pigs and save yourself a lot of money. It also gives you an idea of how much it costs to own a pig for its potential life time of 20 years!  The cost could be as much as £50k and that’s not even for organic feed! I have to admit at this point that Rich was the only one in the class who got anywhere close to the price as he actually costed it out – that’s what being a company director does to you.